Downtown Hollywood is reminiscent of the same type of city Mr. Hsieh, CEO of Zappos the world’s largest online shoe companies, found so appealing.  Hollywood is the type of low rise, walkable community Tony Hsieh was looking for.  A downtown business district thats affordable and promotes collaboration, startup creation and creative class development. Now in the third year of of the Downtown Vegas Project, over 300 businesses and legal entities which collectively employ more than 900 people have been created. 

Launch Me Labs, L.L.C. established in June 2015, in anticipation of opening a coworking and technology innovation epicenter in Downtown Hollywood Florida.  The purpose is to make downtown Hollywood a place of Community, Connectedness, Co Learning, Inspiration, Entrepreneurial Success, Innovation, and Creativity.  All in a long-term, sustainable way. Our mission is to be a resolute champion of the (DTHP) Down Town Hollywood Project, and the entrepreneurial ecosystems supporting them. 

Management has proven experience in starting, mentoring and growing companies. They understand the Creative Economy and how best to support our members, their companies, investors and the DTHP vision. “If the primary element of the old economy was the industrial unit, the Industrial Age has given way to the the Creative Economy or individual economy – where it is the skills, talents, and labors of people that matter most.”

Designed from the get go to create the best innovation, coworking,event space and maker labs with proof of concept and commercialization labs in all of Florida.  With a Startup accelerator  designed to leverage available technology assets to compete on a global platform.  Planned first to be the focus point for the creative class to come together to create new ideas, new technology, and new high paying jobs.   Including people in science, engineering, architecture, industrial design, education, arts, music and entertainment.  

                                         Long Tables of Workers

  “People long for a work, live and play city. Close to the beach is even better”

The economic function is to jump-start economic growth and improved entrepreneurial activities in Hollywood, FL.    The center will offer coworking spaces, classrooms and event space for the training and practice of innovation and business creation .  

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Providing the best of office space coupled with a powerful back-office technology platform and by offering acceleration services along with proof of concept and commercialization programs, Launch Me Labs will increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of innovation in Broward.

We have been a staunch  supporter of the  South Florida and Miami startup community since 2012. Downtown Miami has improved a 1000% … okay I might be exaggerating a bit but you get the drift.  

In the ongoing quest to foster economic development in all of South Florida we are starting the Hollywood project.  To be located in downtown Hollywood FL and managed by Launch Me Labs, L.L.C. and powered by Startup-Miami. A management team of proven serial entrepreneur’s will mentor, coach and invest along side the co creation members.   

Designed from the get go to create the best coworking, colearning and co creation lab with proof of concept and commercialization labs in all of Florida.

A for profit Startup accelerator and a innovation center of science and technology designed to leverage available technology assets to compete on a global platform.  Using networking and community building events such as: Creative Mornings, Founders Institute, Meet up groups, Micro Capital Venture Group, Broward Score, all designed to build interest and patronage for Hollywood.

  • Early Stage Funding
  • Proof of concept and commercialization programs
  • Virtual offices
  • Hotel and dedicated desks
  • Dedicated offices
  • Private offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Prototyping Maker Labs
  • World class Industrial Design
  • War Rooms
  • Telephone and video booths
  • Event space for hire!

Members of our coworking space will get more than just desk space. They will benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and ongoing mentorship and community.  Members will also receive priority access to our classes, workshops, and social events.

South Florida is poised to continue growing with the longer term goal of becoming a substantial hub for technology and innovation. Be part of this by joining here:

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No one would have ever bet that downtown Las Vegas would become a case study of a downtown turnaround,” says Chris Leinberger, a professor of real estate and urbanism at George Washington University’s School of Business. But it surely has.

Tony highlights the importance of serendipitous collisions between people working, living and playing in the city.  Here one entrepreneur bumps into another to wind up starting a business or creating some sort of synergy or collaborating in a more organic way. The center will offer coworking spaces, classrooms and event space for the training and practice of entrepreneurship and transformational product design.